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Classic Shell 4.0.5 is released
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Author:  Ivo [ Mon Mar 31, 2014 10:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Classic Shell 4.0.5 is released

Here’s what’s new:
  • Improved support for high resolution displays. Skin elements can be scaled with the DPI resolution. Read more about it here: ... ml#scaling
  • Improved support for touch displays (Touch support for scrolling single-column menus with a finger and touch support for the Start button)
  • New buttons for Explorer to toggle the navigation pane, details pane and preview pane
  • Added support for animated start buttons. See how to make one here: ... orial.html
  • Multiple minor improvements and bugfixes

Next release is Classic Shell 4.0.6
Previous release was Classic Shell 4.0.4

Author:  Gaurav [ Mon Mar 31, 2014 10:22 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Classic Shell 4.0.5 is released

Here is the detailed change log in addition to the major new features stated above:

New features:
● New setting in Classic Start Menu: Invert Metro icon color
● New setting in Classic Explorer to not show the share overlay icon for hidden shares (hidden shares have the $ character in their name)
● New setting in Classic Start Menu for Windows 8.1 to only show the Start button on the primary taskbar
● New system for generating localized Group Policy (ADML) files
● Drives and folders can be pinned to the Start Menu from Explorer
● Touch support for scrolling single-column menus with a finger and touch support for the Start button
● New setting for the installer "NOSTART=1" to disable the automatic launch of the Start Menu after installation

Bug fixes, design changes and minor new additions:
● Ctrl+Backspace in the Start Menu search box deletes the previous word or path component
● Fixed the problem where settings did not get migrated when upgrading from 3.6.8 to 4.0.4
● Dragging a folder to the Pinned folder creates an expandable/cascading menu shortcut in the Start Menu
● Fixed a bug where the text is misaligned in the Start Menu Programs tree when you switch from the Classic to the Windows Aero skin
● The Start Menu search box in high-contrast Classic skin uses the correct high contrast color instead of white
● Pinning a shortcut preserves the localized name from Desktop.ini if there is one
● The REST_NOCLOSE Windows Group Policy correctly disables Shutdown, Restart etc in the Start Menu for all styles
● The Shutdown button of the Classic skin for the Start Menu shows a focus rectangle when the keyboard cues are enabled
● Fixed a bug in the Classic styles where you can't execute a UNC path if autocomplete was turned off
● The Classic Start Menu Settings UI now has the option to hide the Pin context menu item
● The Classic Start Menu Settings UI now has the options for setting menu width and Shutdown commands in Windows 7 style
● Fixed the problem with a click on the auto-hide taskbar being ignored when the Start menu is open
● Right-click on the Start button works even when the menu is opened or when the hover delay is 0
● Fixed a bug where multi-column submenus with large padding can go outside of the screen

There is also an elaborate feature comparison available now, of Start Menus in case you are undecided whether to go with Classic Shell:

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