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Flagship Revived [7 style]
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Author:  juniper7 [ Sun Sep 23, 2018 3:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Flagship Revived [7 style]

Flagship Revived [7 style] use minimum CSM version 4.3.0

I couldn't resist making one more dark 7 style menu. It's a port of "The Skins Factory-Flagship".
The theme is not available for download anymore on their site, for they have wound down desktop theme operations for a while.
It's not as black as "Dark Matter". Flagship darkness tint reminds me of WMP11.
Out of the four styles in the original theme, I picked the flatter start menu without the deep shadows.
The selectors are way different, almost like an old fashion lighted sign.
There are 2 other selector colors, and black to choose from in case amber is not your thing.

The original action of all the split selector buttons is static. Leaving it hard to see the changing text color sometimes.
I put in an option to have most use the selector type that Ivo has used for better visibility.

No user picture/name on this menu skin.

The menu skin is for personal use only.
All credit goes to the design team of The Skins Factory and hyperdesk.

Thank you

:!: Large download file :!:

If you are wondering why the file is so large?
To keep accurate menu proportions of the borders top/bottom/sides, for 100%/125%/150% menu sizes,
many png bitmaps needed to be created.

The main menu has qty 4 views times 3 sizes equal qty 12 bitmaps.
All bitmaps have noise dithering for smoother gradients, which makes larger image file size.
Throw in a desktop wallpaper from The Skins Factory,
and there you have it. A mucho biggy download file. :)

This might be the last menu skin I make as the closing bell for this site is fast approaching. :)

hyperdesk  Flagship Revived.png
hyperdesk Flagship Revived.png [ 334.83 KiB | Viewed 22636 times ]
File comment: Large download file
Flagship [3.27 MiB]
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