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Author:  Kuenstler [ Thu Oct 05, 2017 2:50 am ]
Post subject:  Sort alphabetic

If one wants to sort in the file browser it is necessary to right mouse click in windows. Then you can sort e.g. by name. If you do that a second time it sorts the other way. Not very helpful. Too many clicks, too many steps. Typical for microsoft freak-thinking-mentality.

I would love to see in Classic Shell a button A-Z and maybe Z-A so that with JUST ONE CLICK files are sorted from A to Z.


Hans Germany

PS.: Classic Shell saved my (Computer) life when windows 8 (8.1 and 10) came. Their policy (especially at start (version 8)) was a shock. Thanks a lot!!!!

Author:  Gaurav [ Thu Oct 05, 2017 3:51 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Sort alphabetic

There are 2 easy ways to sort without using right click with the help of Classic Shell.

First method (Sort headers):

Open Classic Explorer Settings and check the option "Show sort headers in all views" on the File Pane tab. Close and reopen the Explorer window. Then, you will get property headers in any view, not just Details view. You can add any property to sort by right clicking the sort headers -> clicking More... Click once on any header to sort in one order, click again to reverse the order.

Second method (Toolbar button):

Another way is to add a sort by button to the Explorer toolbar. Open Classic Explorer Settings and go to the Toolbar Buttons tab. Add the command called "Sort By" by dragging it from the right column to the left on the "Toolbar Buttons" tab in Classic Explorer settings. Then in the left column, double click the "Sort By" command you added and modify the "Command" field as follows:

sortby <property> where <property> should be replaced by the code of whatever property you wish to sort by. To sort by date modified, the command should be:

sortby {B725F130-47EF-101A-A5F1-02608C9EEBAC}, 14

Use '-' in front of the property to sort first in descending order. You can change ascending order to descending and vice versa by sorting by the same property again. The following is the list of property codes:

All file types:

Date Modified {B725F130-47EF-101A-A5F1-02608C9EEBAC}, 14
Date Created {B725F130-47EF-101A-A5F1-02608C9EEBAC}, 15
Date (of interest) {F7DB74B4-4287-4103-AFBA-F1B13DCD75CF}, 100 For general items=Date created, for photos=Date taken
Size {B725F130-47EF-101A-A5F1-02608C9EEBAC}, 12
Type {28636AA6-953D-11D2-B5D6-00C04FD918D0}, 11
ContentType {D5CDD502-2E9C-101B-9397-08002B2CF9AE}, 26
Kind {1E3EE840-BC2B-476C-8237-2ACD1A839B22}, 3
Keywords/Tags {F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9}, 5
File Extension {E4F10A3C-49E6-405D-8288-A23BD4EEAA6C}, 100 - Windows 8 only

File Count {28636AA6-953D-11D2-B5D6-00C04FD918D0}, 12 - When items are shown as a stack
Shared {EF884C5B-2BFE-41BB-AAE5-76EEDF4F9902}, 100
Shared with {EF884C5B-2BFE-41BB-AAE5-76EEDF4F9902}, 200
Sharing status {EF884C5B-2BFE-41BB-AAE5-76EEDF4F9902}, 300


Data Accessed {B725F130-47EF-101A-A5F1-02608C9EEBAC}, 16
File Attributes {B725F130-47EF-101A-A5F1-02608C9EEBAC}, 13
File Owner {9B174B34-40FF-11D2-A27E-00C04FC30871}, 4
Computer {28636AA6-953D-11D2-B5D6-00C04FD918D0}, 5
Encryption Status {90E5E14E-648B-4826-B2AA-ACAF790E3513}, 10
Offline availability {A94688B6-7D9F-4570-A648-E3DFC0AB2B3F}, 100
Offline status {6D24888F-4718-4BDA-AFED-EA0FB4386CD8}, 100


Link Target Path {B9B4B3FC-2B51-4A42-B5D8-324146AFCF25}, 2


URL {49691C90-7E17-101A-A91C-08002B2ECDA9}, 9

Search results:

Folder Path {E3E0584C-B788-4A5A-BB20-7F5A44C9ACDD}, 6
Search ranking {{49691C90-7E17-101A-A91C-08002B2ECDA9}, 3


Audio Channel Count {64440490-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 7
Bit rate {64440490-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 4
Sample Rate {64440490-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 5
Length {64440490-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 8
Album Artist {56A3372E-CE9C-11D2-9F0E-006097C686F6}, 13
Album ID {56A3372E-CE9C-11D2-9F0E-006097C686F6}, 100
Album Title {56A3372E-CE9C-11D2-9F0E-006097C686F6}, 4
Artist {56A3372E-CE9C-11D2-9F0E-006097C686F6}, 2
Artist 2 {FD122953-FA93-4EF7-92C3-04C946B2F7C8}, 100
Beats Per Minute {56A3372E-CE9C-11D2-9F0E-006097C686F6}, 35
Composer {64440492-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 19
Conductor {56A3372E-CE9C-11D2-9F0E-006097C686F6}, 36
Genre {56A3372E-CE9C-11D2-9F0E-006097C686F6}, 11
Lyrics {56A3372E-CE9C-11D2-9F0E-006097C686F6}, 12
Mood {56A3372E-CE9C-11D2-9F0E-006097C686F6}, 39
Track Number {56A3372E-CE9C-11D2-9F0E-006097C686F6}, 7
Year {56A3372E-CE9C-11D2-9F0E-006097C686F6}, 5
Part of set (Disc number) {56A3372E-CE9C-11D2-9F0E-006097C686F6}, 37


Author {F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9}, 4
Authors {D0A04F0A-462A-48A4-BB2F-3706E88DBD7D}, 100
Subject {F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9}, 3
Title {F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9}, 2
Category {D5CDD502-2E9C-101B-9397-08002B2CF9AE}, 2
CharacterCount {F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9}, 16
Contributor {F334115E-DA1B-4509-9B3D-119504DC7ABB}, 15
Date Created {F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9}, 12
Date Printed (Last Printed) {F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9}, 11
Date Saved {F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9}, 13
Last Author {F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9}, 8
Line Count {D5CDD502-2E9C-101B-9397-08002B2CF9AE}, 5
Manager  {D5CDD502-2E9C-101B-9397-08002B2CF9AE}, 14
Page Count {F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9}, 14
Paragraph Count {D5CDD502-2E9C-101B-9397-08002B2CF9AE}, 6
Revision number {F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9}, 9
Slide Count {D5CDD502-2E9C-101B-9397-08002B2CF9AE}, 7
Total Editing Time {F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9}, 10
Word Count {F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9}, 15
Protected {AEAC19E4-89AE-4508-B9B7-BB867ABEE2ED}, 2
Version {D5CDD502-2E9C-101B-9397-08002B2CF9AE}, 29
Document ID {E08805C8-E395-40DF-80D2-54F0D6C43154}, 100


Subject {F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9}, 3
Title {F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9}, 2
Date Saved {F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9}, 13
Bit depth {6444048F-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 7
Compression {14B81DA1-0135-4D31-96D9-6CBFC9671A99}, 259
Dimensions {6444048F-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 13
Horizontal Resolution {6444048F-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 5
Horizontal Size {6444048F-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 3
Vertical Resolution {6444048F-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 6
Vertical Size {6444048F-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 4
Max Aperture {14B81DA1-0135-4D31-96D9-6CBFC9671A99}, 37378
Camera Manufacturer {14B81DA1-0135-4D31-96D9-6CBFC9671A99}, 271
Camera Model {14B81DA1-0135-4D31-96D9-6CBFC9671A99}, 272
Date Taken {14B81DA1-0135-4D31-96D9-6CBFC9671A99}, 36867
Digital Zoom {F85BF840-A925-4BC2-B0C4-8E36B598679E}, 100
Event {14B81DA1-0135-4D31-96D9-6CBFC9671A99}, 18248
Exposure Bias {14B81DA1-0135-4D31-96D9-6CBFC9671A99}, 37380
Exposure Time {14B81DA1-0135-4D31-96D9-6CBFC9671A99}, 33434
Flash Fired {2D152B40-CA39-40DB-B2CC-573725B2FEC5}, 100
Flash Mode {14B81DA1-0135-4D31-96D9-6CBFC9671A99}, 37385
Light source {14B81DA1-0135-4D31-96D9-6CBFC9671A99}, 37385
Focal Length {14B81DA1-0135-4D31-96D9-6CBFC9671A99}, 37386
ISO Speed {14B81DA1-0135-4D31-96D9-6CBFC9671A99}, 34855
Metering Mode {14B81DA1-0135-4D31-96D9-6CBFC9671A99}, 37383
Exif Orientation {14B81DA1-0135-4D31-96D9-6CBFC9671A99}, 274
People Tags {E8309B6E-084C-49B4-B1FC-90A80331B638}, 100
Shutter Speed {14B81DA1-0135-4D31-96D9-6CBFC9671A99}, 37377
Subject Distance {14B81DA1-0135-4D31-96D9-6CBFC9671A99}, 37382
White Balance {EE3D3D8A-5381-4CFA-B13B-AAF66B5F4EC9}, 100
35mm (Film) Focal Length {A0E74609-B84D-4F49-B860-462BD9971F98}, 100
Exif Version {D35F743A-EB2E-47F2-A286-844132CB1427}, 100
Exposure Program {14B81DA1-0135-4D31-96D9-6CBFC9671A99}, 34850
F-Stop {{14B81DA1-0135-4D31-96D9-6CBFC9671A99}, 33437
Lens Maker {E6DDCAF7-29C5-4F0A-9A68-D19412EC7090}, 100
Lens Model {E1277516-2B5F-4869-89B1-2E585BD38B7A}, 100
Program Mode {6D217F6D-3F6A-4825-B470-5F03CA2FBE9B}, 100
Saturation {49237325-A95A-4F67-B211-816B2D45D2E0}, 100


Creator Application {64440492-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 27
Creator Application Version {64440492-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 28
Date Encoded {2E4B640D-5019-46D8-8881-55414CC5CAA0}, 100
Duration {64440490-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 3
Encoded By {64440492-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 36
Frame Count {6444048F-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 12
Producer {64440492-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 22
Rating {64440492-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 39
Publisher {64440492-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 30
Subtitle {56A3372E-CE9C-11D2-9F0E-006097C686F6}, 38
Writer {64440492-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 23
Year {56A3372E-CE9C-11D2-9F0E-006097C686F6}, 5
Parental Rating {64440492-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 21
Video Compression {64440491-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 10
Director {64440492-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 20
Data rate {64440491-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 8
FourCC {64440491-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 44
Frame height {64440491-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 4
Frame width {64440491-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 3
Frame rate {64440491-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 6
Horizontal Aspect ratio {64440491-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 42
Vertical Aspect ratio {64440491-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 45
Total Bitrate {64440491-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 43


ApplicationName (Program Name) {F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9}, 18
Comment {F29F85E0-4FF9-1068-AB91-08002B27B3D9}, 6
Company {D5CDD502-2E9C-101B-9397-08002B2CF9AE}, 15
File Description {0CEF7D53-FA64-11D1-A203-0000F81FEDEE}, 3
File Version {0CEF7D53-FA64-11D1-A203-0000F81FEDEE}, 4
Date Last Used {841E4F90-FF59-4D16-8947-E81BBFFAB36D}, 16
Product Name {0CEF7D53-FA64-11D1-A203-0000F81FEDEE}, 7
Product Version {0CEF7D53-FA64-11D1-A203-0000F81FEDEE}, 8
Version {D5CDD502-2E9C-101B-9397-08002B2CF9AE}, 29
Copyright {64440492-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 11

Recorded TV:

Channel no. {6D748DE2-8D38-4CC3-AC60-F009B057C557}, 7
Episode name {6D748DE2-8D38-4CC3-AC60-F009B057C557}, 2
Closed Captioning {6D748DE2-8D38-4CC3-AC60-F009B057C557}, 12
DTV {6D748DE2-8D38-4CC3-AC60-F009B057C557}, 17
HD {6D748DE2-8D38-4CC3-AC60-F009B057C557}, 18
Repeat Broadcast {6D748DE2-8D38-4CC3-AC60-F009B057C557}, 13
Network Affiliation {2C53C813-FB63-4E22-A1AB-0B331CA1E273}, 100
Broadcast Date {4684FE97-8765-4842-9C13-F006447B178C}, 100
Program Description {6D748DE2-8D38-4CC3-AC60-F009B057C557}, 3
Recording Time {A5477F61-7A82-4ECA-9DDE-98B69B2479B3}, 100


Date Acquired {2CBAA8F5-D81F-47CA-B17A-F8D822300131}, 100
Date Archived {43F8D7B7-A444-4F87-9383-52271C9B915C}, 100
Date Imported {14B81DA1-0135-4D31-96D9-6CBFC9671A99}, 18258
Date Completed {72FAB781-ACDA-43E5-B155-B2434F85E678}, 100
Date Released {DE41CC29-6971-4290-B472-F59F2E2F31E2}, 100
Date Visited {5CBF2787-48CF-4208-B90E-EE5E5D420294}, 23
Rating {64440492-4C8B-11D1-8B70-080036B11A03}, 9
MIME Type {0B63E350-9CCC-11D0-BCDB-00805FCCCE04}, 5
Status {000214A1-0000-0000-C000-000000000046}, 9
Total file size {28636AA6-953D-11D2-B5D6-00C04FD918D0}, 14

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