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Author:  fonpaolo [ Wed Apr 18, 2018 4:37 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Microsoft and Classic Shell

From a developer's perspective, as is Microsoft, the less a user can change and "harm" their system, the better for them, so, of course, they can save time by trying to solve every imaginable problem with every possible configuration to do other things (I at least hope...).
From an user perspective, while they're moving to a "closed box" with Windows, I hope they're aware that the "new" ways to customize their system are almost a hack now, since there are always fewer ways to change something freely.
So, for the sake of "security", they're creating an even less secure ecosystem...

I'm not very optimistic about the direction Microsoft is taking... at least, I hope they're doing it for us, because when I started using computers, you had to known what you were doing, now, with all due respect, the average user pushes a couple of buttons or inserts a connector, and it's almost all he needs to know.

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